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In 2014 Nadiyah Barrow and Christina Worthington founded the support group Worthy Women on the campus of North Carolina Central University. The purpose of the support group was to have a safe space for women to heal after experiencing sexual assault and/or abuse. In 2016 Worthy Women shifted into "Create Consent Culture" an apparel line that encompasses many items that serve as a reminder that you are still worthy of self love and happiness. It is our mission to create consent culture and help people take their power back after traumatic incidents. Create consent culture is about uplifting survivors and teaching human decency. Through this brand we emphasize the importance of consent, respecting one another and bodily autonomy. 


Our ultimate goal is to become a women's resource center. Until that day comes, we will spread positivity and empowerment through our apparel line. Peace and love to everyone supporting us on our journey!